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Message from the Chairman and President

Greetings to all visitors to our site!

Welcome to our bank's official website. Please accept our sincere best wishes for your every success in your endeavors and for you to have peace and happiness!

The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (SCSB) was established by Mr. K.P. Chen in Shanghai in 1915 with the aspiration "to serve society, to support industry, and to promote international trade." We are constantly seeking to innovate and improve, in order to keep pace with the times, based on the philosophy of "integrity, service, innovation, and efficiency." As a result of these efforts, we have developed innovative products and services to meet customers' needs, such as only requiring $1 to open a savings account, one-stop teller services, small-sum credit loans, and railway negotiations. These financial products and services have enabled us to become a leading bank, and our business has continued to grow as a result of being customer-centric. SCSB had developed into one of the largest private banks in China.

SCSB became the only private bank in China to reopen in Taiwan in 1965. We have remained steadfast to our business philosophy and actively engage in innovation, such as becoming the first bank to offer 24-hour ATM services in 1988. We also formed alliances with convenience stores to provide ATMs in stores, thereby providing customers with 24-hour, safe, and convenient financial services. We set up the first "24-hour electronic banking service area" in 1991, became the first bank to offer online fund subscriptions in 1999, and launched online purchase and sale of small amounts of foreign currency in 2000. All of these initiatives were at the forefront of the industry, with other banks later following suit.

Rapid developments in AI, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, IoT, and 5G technologies have driven innovative technology applications in the field of finance, and have also caused the financial ecosystem to change and evolve. In response to these development trends, we have adopted the strategy of accelerating digital transformation, and stepped up the application of FinTech to enhance our digital banking competitiveness, thus providing customers with customized digital financial products and services that deliver greater value.

In recent years, we have actively supported the Financial Supervisory Commission's policy of financial inclusion and more efficient financial services, and will continue to invest resources in these areas. Our development of digital banking has yielded abundant results, which are summarized below:

  1. Enhanced the functionality of services and transactions in our eWB corporate internet banking, personal Internet banking, and mobile banking; added micro-enterprise e-loans, online credit loans, and online housing value calculation; upgraded the Internet banking and mobile banking systems; implemented AI wealth management and online insurance enrollment.
  2. Established smart branches, implemented innovative FinTech, and provided customers with a new financial service experience.
  3. Utilized strategic alliances with the Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. to become the first bank to use blockchain accountant confirmations, and was among the first batch of banks on the "open banking API platform."
  4. Invested in AI and mobile payment startups, implemented AI customer services and AI smart speaker service robot, and became the first private bank to offer Taiwan Pay mobile payment services.
  5. Organized the cross-Strait "Shanghai Commercial Bank" campus hackathon FinTech challenge, and applied the winning works in practical banking scenarios.
  6. Became stationed in FinTechSpace and participated in the digital banking sandbox and the Innovation Lab program, thereby staying up-to-date on the latest FinTech trends.

We insist on innovation, sustainability, and achieving excellence, and will take the lead in driving innovation and making breakthroughs, in order to provide customers with more convenient, safer, and more diverse digital banking products and services. As we continue on this road towards constant improvement, we also hope that you will not hesitate to provide us with your precious opinions.

Finally, please once again accept our sincerest best wishes for your health, success, and prosperity!

President KUO, CHING-YI